W2 Store meanswear shop in glasgow west end

W2 Store

Menswear | West End

W2 emerged at the end of the Comme des Garcons Guerrilla Store Project in October 2009. As the last of the Guerrilla Stores, the original aim was to bring Comme des Garcons products, not only to a city which had no access to them, but to an area of the city more associated with education, antiques and vintage clothing.

Housed in a 19th century cow shed, in an historical lane, the ethos and success of creating an environment for customers to relax and discuss not only our products but also music, literature or cultural events, gave W2 the confidence to request that their relationship with Comme des Garcons be extended indefinitely. This gave them the opportunity to bring Margaret Howell to the store as a complimentary brand – her classically British offerings giving the feeling of something closer to home. They also brought New Yorker, Adam Kimmel, to Scotland at this time, as they were huge admirers of his work.

Then followed their decision to make the store fully menswear in June 2010 – in break with Guerrilla Store precedent.

W2 Store
10 Ruthven Lane
Glasgow, G12 9BG


Image Credit: W2 Store

Author: Koolyst

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