Underbelly’s Edinburgh Fringe

Underbelly’s Edinburgh Fringe: The Best Gig Theatre to Catch this August

A Beautiful Way to Be Crazy
19th – 26th Aug, 11.45am, Underbelly Bristo Square, Jersey, tickets

Innovative gig theatre based on interviews with women in the music industry, fusing poetry, live music and audio. A tale of growing up, finding a voice and listening to Joni Mitchell records from award-winning poet Genevieve Carver and her multi-instrumental live band. Includes themes of confidence, female working relationships, toxic masculinity and mental health, and genres from soul to electronica, classical and pop. 

America is Hard to See
1 – 25 Aug, 7.45pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Big Belly, tickets

This daring new play uses a blend of verbatim interviews, Methodist hymns and original songs to investigate the lives in and around Miracle Village, a rural American community for sex offenders buried deep in Florida’s sugarcane fields. Direct from a sold-out, award-winning run in NYC.

1st – 25th Aug (no show Monday 12th), 3.20pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Big Belly, tickets

Solo gig-theatre digging under the skin of anti-heroine Jess, imprisoned for selling drugs on her lover’s behalf. Blurring the boundaries of acted scene, poetry and live music; Hatch flows through Jess’s feelings of abandonment from her partner on the outside through explosive spoken word poetry, sensual moments of magical realism, a collection of original songs and fierce live electronic music.

Tokyo Rose
1st – 25th Aug (no show Monday 12th), 6.55pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Iron Belly, tickets

Turn back the dial to 1949. Iva d’Aquino stands accused of treason in one of the most controversial trials in American history. Faced with accusations of peddling Axis propaganda, Iva becomes known as the notorious Tokyo Rose – but was she the villain she was made out to be? Five female wartime disc jockeys spit piercing verse in a rap-packed musical broadcast going live in 5, 4, 3…

Author: Koolyst

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