Underbelly’s Edinburgh Fringe Best Shows Starring Female Comics

Underbelly’s Edinburgh Fringe Best Shows Starring Female Comics

Ange Lavoipierre: Final Form
31st July – 26th Aug, 10.40pm, Underbelly George Square, Wee Coo, tickets

Two parts fever dream and one part personality quiz, Final Form examines the desperate lengths we go to in our eternal quest to be liked. Expect ghosts, a cello, the 1950s sociologist Erving Goffman, and plenty of twists from Ange Lavoipierre in this acclaimed comedy debut.

Connie Wookey: Denied
31st July – 26th Aug, 8.30pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Daisy, tickets

In February my cousin died in a plane crash. I flew to the funeral. My plane stopped working mid-flight. Good… This is a true story. Not sponsored by Air Canada. Award-winning music-comedy. Part stand-up, part musical parody, part storytelling, Wookey covers US visa immigration issues, men who wink at waitresses, and malfunctioning planes. This five-star fresh and inventive music-comedy is ‘superbly performed’ (AYoungerTheatre.com) and promises to make you laugh, cry and build your own miniature plane.

 Courtney Pauroso: Gutterplum
1st – 25th Aug (no show Tuesday 13th), 2.40pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Iron Belly, tickets

American comedian Courtney Pauroso makes her Edinburgh Fringe debut with a character clown show (definitely), burlesque show (eventually) and feminist allegory (sure, probably) all rolled into one surreal and stupid and heart-warming and thought-provoking and blindingly beautiful yet deceptively dark – and honestly, 100% perfect – hour of ground-breaking comedy. A female. A journey. Twists and turns. Time and space. Laughter, tears, blood, bullshit. Etc. You get it. Any questions?

 Detour: A Show About Changing Your Mind
31st July – 26th Aug (no show Tuesday 13th), 2.35pm,Underbelly Bristo Square, Buttercup, tickets

A show about getting lost and getting found. Diana Dinerman was a history professor on a PhD track, specialising in a niche area of Modern Dance history… then she became a stand-up comedian. Then life fell apart! She took a leap, fell on her face, and found her way to her feet. Detour is an inspiring comedic play about finding your path in unexpected ways. Both witty and insightful, Detour mixes exposition with editorial, humour with heartbreak, feminism with femininity – Diana Dinerman has her finger on the pulse of women rising.

 Double Denim: Adventure Show
1st – 25th August 2019, 8.40pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Dancer, tickets

Part safari party. Part murder mystery. All denim. Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew bring you part two of the Double Denim journey, a celebratory cruise through the teenage years to avocado days. This is every contiki tour that has ever gone wrong. Jumanji meets Absolutely Fabulous. No map, no shame, a little bit of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Bring spare knickers, it’s going to be a very cool party.

Emmy Blotnick: Party Nights
31st July – 26th Aug (no show Tuesday 13th), 7.55pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Buttercup, tickets

In 2015, Nicki Minaj was paid approximately $400,000 to appear at a New York City bar mitzvah. On the red carpet of this bar mitzvah she posed for a photograph flanked by eight red-faced 13-year-old Jewish boys, four on each side. It is this beautiful human menorah that best summarises Emmy Blotnick. Emmy’s comedy explores themes of anxiety, depression and neurosis alongside unlikely spirit guides Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Beyoncé, Andre 3000 and Swedish pop songwriter Max Martin. Whether or not they can point her in the right direction is anyone’s guess.

Flora Anderson: Romantic
31st July – 25th Aug (no show Monday 12th), 3.10pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Daisy, tickets

Ridiculously self-aware middle-class dreamer Flora does a show about trying and failing to be creative in the big city. Is she an epic Romantic vagabond or just an entitled absolute pr*ck? She’s chasing a dream, but the chase might be much, much funnier. Debut hour from the Laughing Horse New Act of the Year finalist.

 Girlfriend from Hell – The Bitch is Back
31st July – 26th Aug (no show Monday 12th), 8.00pm Underbelly George Square, Wee Coo, tickets

GFH builds on the runaway success of Gabby’s last Edinburgh show and offers a new series of life hacks on today’s dating and partying scene. From how to resist sweet chardonnay’s charms after you promised dear old Buxton Water you wouldn’t see her again to guidance on the best flirty filters to use when you want your ex’s new girlfriend to clock how good you look. Plus top tips on how to walk when you’ve taken too much ketamine and remember it’s never too early to start stalking you boyfriend.

1st – 15th Aug, 6.25pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Big Belly, tickets

Bri is not who she used to be, so she’s revisiting the five parties that changed her. Gobby is a playlist of awkward encounters, starting over and growing up. A biting and heartfelt odyssey about what it really means to be loud, this new play is a darkly comic telling of survival, an exploration of self-awareness and a lesson in how to throw a really good party.

 Izzy Mant
31st July – 25th Aug (no show on Monday 12th), 2.50pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Dexter, tickets

TV comedy producer Izzy (The Windsors, Peep Show, Harry & Paul) has been pathologically tactful all her life. That’s about to change… If you’ve ever smiled through a car-crash date, apologised for your boss’s mistakes or gone to a sex party just out of good manners, join the club. Izzy’s run away from conflict and crashed headlong into mistaken identity, public disgrace and the Zimbabwean ambassador. This show combines stand-up, storytelling and a mercifully small amount of puppetry… First rule of Polite Club is: you don’t talk about Polite Club. Unless someone asks nicely.

Julia Rorke
1st – 24th Aug, 11.00pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Iron Belly, tickets

Jeneane Morris is here to tell you some shit about life: buckle up. Strap in. Get over it. Bring the exact hour you were born. Prepare to be throttled. But also cuddled. She loves you. ‘Jeneane’s chart readings always give me the most insane lease on life and feelings of clarity – I almost always end up in prison the day after having a reading with Jeneane, I don’t know what it is about her.

 Liza Treyger: In The Weeds
31st July – 26th Aug (no show on Monday 12th), 10.35pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Buttercup, tickets

Liza has been living it up. Spending so much cash, eating all the food, smoking all the weed, laying on all the surfaces and pretty much living her dream. Then she turned 31 and became a cliché Bridget Jones’ Diary. She doesn’t fit in her pants, she can’t remember what she did even yesterday, she’s got no savings and won’t leave her carbon monoxide-filled apartment to find the love she so desperately wants. She’s in therapy, she’s trying to intermittent fast and buy less crystals. Self-improvement is annoying.

 Lucy Farrett: Lois
1st– 25th Aug (no show on Tuesday 13th), 5.00pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Laugh, tickets

Lucy Farrett is Lois: your new favourite action hero. She fights the man, steals from the rich and eats punks for breakfast. She’ll avenge the death of your mother, your brother, even your good-for-nothin’ goldfish Margaret. Join her action-hero character comedy as she throws an actual kitchen sink at the world and blends some bad guys into a bullet smoothie of justice.

Lucy Frederick: Famtastic
31st July – 25th Aug (no show Wednesday 14th), 2.50pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Clover, tickets

Three years ago comedian Lucy Frederick – ‘Delightful’ (BroadwayBaby.com) – was picking herself up from the floor and ordering a gin and tonic; now she is picking up dirty socks and ordering fish fingers and peas. From disaster queen to model stepmum – this is a stand-up show about Lucy’s journey towards becoming part of a modern blended family, avoiding its wicked pitfalls and navigating the alarming world of parenting.

 Rachel Creeger – Hinayni!
1st– 25th Aug (no show Monday 12th), 10.00pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Laugh, tickets

Seeing herself in someone else’s reflection highlights honest thoughts Rachel only admits to herself in the middle of the night. Or on stage. Is she ever truly present in the moment? Sometimes it takes a little darkness to shine a light on the truth. A new show from the award-winning comedian behind It’s No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl.

 Rachel Fairburn: The People’s Princess
31st July – 25th August 2019, 9.35pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Dexter tickets

Rachel’s been described by some losers as obnoxious, rude, frivolous and contrary. However, she thinks she’s absolutely adorable and the natural choice for the dormant title of The People’s Princess.

 Robyn Perkins: Mating Selection
31st July – 25th Aug, 5.50pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Daisy, tickets

On August 14, 2018, Robyn Perkins (★★★★1/2 GlamAdelaide) participated in a dating show in front of a live audience. Her experience led her to question human morality and the social constructs of present-day dating, with a scientific twist. Robyn is known for her ‘confident, charming and relatable personality'(Ed Fest Mag), which allows her to delve into complex and uncomfortable territory. How do social constructs change how we date? What is the role of morality in attraction?

 Roisin Crowley Linton: Teenage Kicks
1st – 25th Aug (no show Monday 12th), 4.20pm, Underbelly Cowgate, Dehli Belly, tickets

Stamptown Newcomer Award winner 2018, Roisin Crowley Linton returns to Edinburgh with her signature blend of achingly honest poetry, side-splitting stand-up and personal storytelling. Teenagers are weird. Being a teenager is weird. Working with teenagers is weird. Especially when you work at a youth club by day and perform comedy, poetry and burlesque by night. This time we’re talking about growing up in Newcastle, how hard it is to be sexy and how the kids are alright.

 Sasha Ellen: Pickle
31st July – 26th Aug (no show Wednesday 14th), 7.10pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Daisy, tickets

From disastrous dates, to ruining weddings, to causing whole islands to go into a state of emergency, Sasha Ellen chalks it all up to being a bit of a pickle. A storytelling stand-up show about romantic misadventures on an epic scale. A friendly romcom featuring an engagement, a missing person and a near catastrophe which explores love, loss and sexy, sexy helicopter pilots.

 Saskia Preston: Ninety-Five
31st July – 25th Aug (no show Saturday 10th), 1.50pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Daisy, tickets

Debut show from Saskia Preston, writer for Radio 4’s The Now Show and News Quiz, and 4 Extra’s Newsjack. A family birthday party back in a childhood setting is a trigger for a wander down memory’s estrada. Featuring gay bars and needless Portuguese words.

Siblings: The Siblinginging
31st July – 26th Aug, 6.40pm, Underbelly George Square, Wee Coo, tickets

Following last year’s sell out show, character comedians and IRL sisters Maddy and Marina are back and bigger than ever (at least physically). This August will see them squeeze their genes (and jeans) into the auld heffer. Expect Gaulier trained clowning from Maddy, intensely serious acting from Marina and a whole closet-full of family secrets. Don’t forget to bring a box of tissues! [Material is suitable for anyone who has or has seen a sister] 

Stevie Martin: Hot Content
31st July – 25th August 2019, 6.35pm, Underbelly Bristo Square, Buttercup, tickets

Stevie Martin (one third of sketch group Massive Dad and co- host of the Nobody Panic podcast) returns after last year’s critically acclaimed Fringe run with a lovely bit of business involving sketches, talking and absolute bangers (jokes). For anyone who likes their content hot (and their bangers stone cold). As seen on Sky’s Breeders, Channel 4’s Damned and in various cafes trying to find a plug socket.

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