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The Eco Larder

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we are committed to staying open as usual to bring you healthy nutritious food. Please follow all government advice shopping with us.  ​

In addition to keeping the shop open, 7 days per week, opening at 11am daily until 4pm, we are offering two new services to help as many people as possible get access to plastic free food:

1.  Click & Collect
2. Delivery ​

Deliveries are £5 per delivery and we are working towards 100% of deliveries being done by Cargo Bike. At the moment 2/3 of all deliveries are done by Cargo Bike. ​

The £5 delivery fee goes toward stocking food banks for those hit hardest at this time.

Here is how it all works:

1. Browse our products HERE
2. EMAIL US with your order and state if you will collect or require delivery.
3. We email you back (often in the evening after the shop is closed & baby is in bed) with your collection or delivery time and any further instruction.
4. We weigh and put together your order.
5. Click & Collect orders are paid for in store only. For Deliveries, you will then receive a PayPal invoice in your inbox.
6. Your order is ready for collection or delivery!

For click & Collect orders, If you bring your own bottle, we can add Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice at £4.50 a litre and Organic semi skimmed milk at £1.50 a litre. And the same goes for any of our oils or cleaning products. ​

If you bring your own jar, we have fresh peanut butter too.

Alternatively you can purchase 1L glass bottles (£2.90) or small jars (£1.50) and we can have the orange juice, milk, oils, cleaning products or peanut butter ready for you.

​The remainder of your shop comes in brown paper bags.

The Eco Larder
200 Morrison Street


Image & Content courtesy of The Eco Larder

Author: Koolyst

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