Survival School at National Museum of Flight East Fortune East Lothian

Survival School at National Museum of Flight

Join our Survival School and discover the skills you would need to survive in the wild at this hands-on family event. Learn about navigation, shelter-making, tracking, camouflage and more with our team of survival experts.

Pilots have always run the risk of being stranded in the wilderness. Meet our team of survival specialists to discover some of the bushcraft skills they learn to increase their chances of survival.
Find out about safe fire lighting and setting up camp, investigate real RAF survival tools, pick up fishing tips and create your own survival device to take home.

Activities include:

Backwoods Survival School
Explore the Backwoods Survival School’s three camp areas: ancient which includes a skin shelter, hunting tools, hide clothing, and a skin kayak; a military-style camp; and a modern bushcraft “leave no trace” style of camp.


The local expert Treeditions will be on hand to teach you about fire lighting and water purification.

Paracord Bracelets

Create your own colourful bracelet out of paracord*, so that you’ll always have a key component of your survival shelter on hand!

Escape and Evasion Object Handling

Join our aviation curator to get hands-on with real RAF survival tools and find out how they were used, from parachute silk maps to escape boots. Could you cut the bars of your cell with your shoelaces?

Survival Shorts

Short talk, touch and try sessions on a range of bushcraft topics including camouflage, fishing and shelter making.

24 Aug – 25 Aug 2019 
Free with museum admission

National Museum of Flight
East Fortune Airfield
North Berwick
EH39 5LF


Author: Koolyst

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