Stcokbridge market

Stockbridge Market

With lockdown still in force, it is not possible for Stockbridge Market to reopen so they have come up with a fantastic solution. They have launched Leith and Stockbridge Markets online via NeighbourFood!

You can click and collect, buying from some of your favourite traders and some brand new faces!

The virtual market opens for orders on a Saturday night (Leith) or a Sunday night (Stockbridge) and you can place your orders up until the markets close at 4pm on a Thursday.

Then at a designated time between 11am and 3pm on the Saturday (Leith) or Sunday (Stockbridge), you come to the market sites and collect your full order (observing social distance rules).

​Payment is taken when the order is placed so there are no cash transactions.

Stay safe but eat well!

Neighbourfood Stockbridge Market
Neighbourfood Leith Market

Author: Koolyst

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