Rumdiddlyumptious Experience In Store At “Secret” City Centre Tasting

Edinburgh drinks aficionados can take a flight to sample the spirit of the Caribbean this summer without having to endure a lack of legroom, screaming kids, and overprice onboard booze.

Secret city centre bar Nightcap will host a unique rum tasting by spirits specialist Distiller’s Nose on June 13 that will feature a flight of four distinct rums from across the world.

The event presents a timely opportunity to relish a spirit synonymous with summer, while those wishing to earn son and daughter points can accompany their dads to the event as a pre-Father’s Day treat.

Matthew Pauley – an ex-distiller of Bombay Sapphire and now assistant professor of brewing and distilling at Heriot-Watt University – will present the tutorial at the York Place bar three days before Father’s Day.

Having made his name as a master distiller taking on the role of educating the next generation of creative spirits manufacturers on the renowned brewing and distilling course at Heriot-Watt University, Matthew, the founder of Distiller’s Nose, boasts the knowledge and experience of an ‘insider’ of the drinks industry. He has hosted sold-out tastings in across the UK and is set to impart his expertise and guidance as part of the Edinburgh tasting next month.

“Having previously conducted gin tastings in this fair city, I know that the spirits aficionados of Edinburgh make for an enthusiastic audience,” said Matthew, 34. “Many people conducting tastings and masterclasses are ‘public-facing’ and don’t come from a manufacturing background, and many are paid to sell a certain product. Distiller’s Nose gives people an ideal opportunity to experience a broad spectrum of spirits and receive educated guidance and an objective opinion from someone who has actually studied and made spirits.”

Matthew will introduce guests at Nightcap to a flight of four popular and lesser-known rums, inviting questions and passing on guidance so that rum connoisseurs and complete beginners alike can enjoy a more informed and fulfilling sampling of the spirit.

Jon Anderson, co-manager of Nightcap, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming Matthew and Distiller’s Nose to Nightcap and showing guests a great time while teaching them the secrets of the spirits industry. We heartily recommend that people come along a little earlier to wet their palettes and remain afterwards to cap their night with Edinburgh’s finest organic chicken wings and apertifs.”

To purchase tickets, priced £20, for the rum tasting at Nightcap on the evening of Thursday 13 June, visit

Author: Koolyst

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