Image Credit Camera Obscura & World of Illusions, Edinburgh

Give Yourself Kaleidohead this Half-Term

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions have launched their latest mind-boggling interactive invention, the Kaleidohead!

Visitors to the attraction can catch the Kaleidohead outside the main entrance on Castlehill, where the Camera Obscura team will be on hand to give visitors a go. This magic box, suitable for all ages, allows you to see yourself reflected and mirrored in a colourful new world.

The colourful kaleidoscopic effect creates mesmerising, symmetrical, multiple, reflections of you. It works with two vertical mirrors mounted at an angle, with changing LED lights above and below. The Scottish inventor, Sir David Brewster, came up with the term ‘kaleidoscope’ in 1817, it’s meaning from Greek means ‘observation of beautiful forms’.

The Kaleidohead is one of over 100 interactive exhibits visitors can get involved with at the attraction. Right through the school half term holiday, the attraction has the longest opening hours in Edinburgh with visitors being welcomed from 9am-9pm every day, until the 23 February.

Andrew Johnson, Manager said ‘The team are always looking for new weird and wonderful ways to give our visitors a fun experience, and the Kaleidohead is another huge hit. It’s odd seeing yourself with many heads and it makes a fantastic, unique photo opportunity. We’re excited to see people’s reactions, and look forward to sharing more, amazing new interactive exhibits with guests later this year.’

Image Credit Camera Obscura & World of Illusions, Edinburgh

Author: Koolyst

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