Fringe Review: Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo

We had the pleasure of attending a performance of Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo at McEwan Hall, Bristo Square. It’s a puppet show about dinosaurs by Erth, an Australian live theatre performance company.

Firstly, the set up in Bristo Square is fabulous, plenty of food and drink stands to choose from, and lots of seating. We were there at 11am in the morning, and it was lively then, so we can only imagine what the atmosphere will be like in the evening.

We knew as soon as we walked into the auditorium at McEwan Hal that we were in for a treat. The stage looked great, and there were teaser dinosaur noises to get you in the mood before the lead performer, Scott, came to the stage.

This is the first time that Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo has been performed in Edinburgh. The show focuses on dinosaurs which were native to Australia, some of which we hadn’t even heard of before. The whole show is very informative, and the kids will definitely come away with some new knowledge about dinosaurs.

The show starts by introducing two baby dinosaurs, and Scott invites some children onto the stage to touch them – they are super cute and you quickly forget that they are puppets. The dinosaurs are introduced throughout the show in size order, leaving the biggest, most impressive dinosaur to last.

The show lasts an hour, and the kids stay engaged the whole time. Scott is great at being interactive with the children and throughout the show invites many of them to the stage which is great fun to watch – the highlight being one child putting his head inside the mouth of a T-Rex! He was one very brave little boy.

The puppets are absolutely incredible, so lifelike, and the puppeteers are super skilled, making them appear alive and endearing. Also, if you hang around after the show, the baby dinosaur puppets will be in Bristo Square to allow all of the children who were at the show to get up close to them, touch them, and have their picture taken.

We give this show a roar-worthy Koolyst 5 Stars.

Performance dates: Aug 2-11, 13-26
Age: 3+
Location: McEwan Hall, Bristo Square
Start time: 11am

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Author: Koolyst

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