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Fringe Review: Elements of Freestyle

On for the duration of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Elements of Freestyle is spectacular, showcasing extreme urban sports, dance, music and theatre. On at the EICC, the Netherlands’ ISH Dance Collective, explode onto the stage and continue to wow with a high energy feast for your senses. The elements of the show are break-dance, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and freerunning. Four large skating ramps and gantries occupy the stage, and are repositioned throughout to showcase the diverse art and performances behind the stunts.

You will probably not expect to see two musicians on the stage, one playing a cello, and the other a violin, but the live music adds to the intensity and drama of the show. You’ll be mesmerised by the skill and co-ordination on stage, and will be left in awe of how this show has been put together so seamlessly.

Suitable for all ages (recommended 5+), and there really is something there for everyone. The music, talent, choreography and energy of the show will not disappoint. When leaving we overhead an audience member saying that it was the best show that he has ever seen, and didn’t know where to look at there were so many things happening. That sums the performance up for us, with so much taking place on the stage, your eyes are certainly in for a treat.

The Exchange
150 Morrison Street

03-25 August (Excl. 7, 12 & 21 August)
16:00 – 17:00

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