If you are looking for somewhere uber cool to eat and hang out in Amsterdam, then look no further than Foodhallen.

Foodhallen is based in an old tram garage, which has been transformed into a massive food hall, with so many options to choose from. You can enjoy food from every corner of the globe in a culinary adventure, and rejoice in this unique location – the buzz and atmosphere simply cannot be put into words.

Sample traditional Dutch cuisine, or Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Italian and more. You will also find s a good selection of vegan options, along with desserts and plenty of choice for drinks. It’s a one stop shop with something for everyone.

Please don’t skip this place on your next visit to Amsterdam – it’s truly is a delight!

(Images 1-4 ©koolyst, images 5-7 ©Foodhallen)

Foodhallen Amsterdam
1053AT Amsterdam

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koolyst rating: 5 stars

Tip: Don’t leave your table empty whilst your party go off to order their food. Tables can be like gold dust during busy times, so try and leave someone sitting at your table.

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