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Can you escape at Escape Reality?

We had the pleasure of being invited to the launch night of a brand new escape room in Edinburgh, called Escape Reality.

As soon as you walk into the space you can tell that it is going to be a different experience to other escape rooms that you may have been to, which made us intrigued as to what lay ahead. There is a bar area which is a great size, with plenty of seating and standing areas.

We were talked through all of our play options, and were surprised by the number of rooms. There are 6 to choose from, being Jungala, Tortuga Pirates, Machina, The Asylum, Alcatraz and Nosferatu. We went for the Tortuga Pirates (namely because it is one of the easier ones and there was only two of us playing) – I won’t go into details about the room as I wouldn’t want to spoil the experience for anyone, but the set up was fantastic. Before even entering we were given the back story to the room, and what our objectives were. We were handed an i-Pad which allowed us to keep an eye on the time, and it was also there to give clues should you need them. On entering Tortuga Pirates, there was immediately a puzzle to solve to let us get into the main part of the room, and having mastered that quite quickly we were off to a great start. It is quite dark inside, but this all adds to the atmosphere,

Escape rooms are great as they encourage team work, and good communication, making them a perfect outing for friends, family and work colleagues. We also think that slightly older kids would have fun here. I know my kids at ages 12 and 14 would thoroughly enjoyed it.

Go along, try and escape, and more importantly, have fun! We can highly recommend.

Escape Reality
1 Fountainbridge Square,
Edinburgh, EH3 9QB


Author: Koolyst

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