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No-Contact Delivery in Edinburgh!

Our Edinburgh shop is temporarily closed, but our online shop via AbeBooks and digital gift vouchers for future use are now available.

Missing a leisurely browse through our dusty shelves? Let us bring the shelves to you! We are delighted to now be offering no-contact deliveries in central-ish Edinburgh—here’s how it works:

Browse! We’ve photographed all of our Literature, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Poetry, and Philosophy shelves (why, yes, this was a truly bonkers undertaking). Have a scroll. For the full effect, get your nose into the crease of your nearest old book and inhale deeply whilst examining the titles. Sneeze. Note the dazzling authenticity.

Compile a list of everything your heart desires. (No, I’m afraid we don’t have any additional stock ‘in the back’. There is no back.) Because we’ll only be able to update photos occasionally and stock may sell before you email us, we suggest sending us a list of first, second, and third (and etc.) choices.

Email us at with your book requests, your contact telephone number, and your address (this should be within approximately 1 mile of the shop). We’ll get in touch to process your payment over the phone and arrange a delivery time!

Delivery fee is £3.50 and minimum order is £10. Books on these shelves range from roughly £2.50 to £6.00 (usually somewhere in the middle), so plan to buy at least 3 books.

In the mood for something fancier? Ooo, get you. Have a look at our selection on AbeBooks and include a link to your desired book(s) in your email. (If you’re outwith Edinburgh, you can place the order through AbeBooks and we’ll send it via post.)

This is a new service and deliveries are handled by exactly one (1) person on a charming secondhand bicycle. We appreciate your patience in these first few days as we figure out the best way to schedule deliveries.

Armchair Books
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